Race Flags

Green Flag: Start of race, track is clear, cancellation of a previous flag condition. 
Red Flag: The race is stopped.  It will be displayed only at the start/finish flag position.  In the event a red flag is displayed, a stationary black flag will also be displayed at each flagging station simultaneously with the red flag at the start/finish position.  All drivers must reduce speed and be prepared to stop at any time.  No passing is allowed.  All drivers must proceed in single file order back to the pit lane (not your pit spot) and wait further instructions from Lap Battle Officials in the pits.  Competitors may not perform any type of service on their race car until the event is restarted.  The red flag is also used in the pit lane to control exiting from the pit lane area. 
Yellow Flag: If the yellow flag is displayed in a motionless manner, it means danger, no passing, be prepared to slow down, course workers may be adjacent to the course.  If the yellow flag is waved, it means extreme danger, no passing, be prepared to slow down, course workers are on the course.  In either case, Competitors must be prepared to stop or take avoiding action. 
Double Yellows All Stations: Means full course yellow, danger, be prepared to slow down, no passing, course workers may be on the course, and the safety car will be on the course.  Competitors must be prepared to stop or take avoiding action. 
White Flag: If the white flag is displayed in a motionless manner, it means a slow moving race car, service vehicle, tow truck, ambulance or fire truck is ahead.  If the white flag is waved and displayed at start/finish line only, it means the start of the last lap.  When used at start/finish to signify the last lap, the white flag will be displayed to the leader first and then to the remainder of the Competitors. 
Yellow Flag with Red Stripes: Slippery surface or debris on the racing surface ahead. 
Blue Flag (or Blue Flag with Orange Diagonal): If the blue flag is displayed to a Competitor in a motionless manner, it means another Competitor is following or catching the flagged Competitor and may be trying to pass. If the blue flag is waved, the Competitor to whom it is displayed must give way to the Competitor trying to pass.  The blue flag is ordinarily used for a Competitor who is unaware of an overtaking car or is clearly obstructing another Competitor. 

Black Flag: If the black flag is displayed to a Competitor in a furled manner, it means the Competitor has committed an act of unsportsmanlike conduct. The Competitor must discontinue the unsportsmanlike conduct or be penalized. If the black flag is waved at a Competitor, the Competitor must stop in his or her pit on the next pass by the pit area for consultation with a Lap Battle Official. It means that the Competitor has committed an infraction of the Rule Book or an act of unsportsmanlike conduct. 

The Race Director may halt the timing and scoring of a Competitor who fails to obey a waving black flag after three consecutive laps. Lap Battle may substitute the waved black flag or black flag with orange disc at start/finish line with an official directive to the team in pit lane to call the car in by radio. The Race Director may halt the scoring of the car following three crossings of the start/finish line following the official directive.

Black Flag with Orange Disc: The Competitor’s car has a mechanical problem.  When this flag is displayed to a Competitor, they must report to their pit on the next lap. 
Black Flag All: When the black flag is displayed to all Competitors, from the Start/finish line and all corner stations it means there is an interruption of practice or qualifying.  All Competitors on the course must return to the pits immediately, and may expect the practice or qualifying session to resume when the temporary situation giving rise to the black flag is corrected. 
Black and White Checkered Flag: End of race or session.  All Competitors may take a cool off lap at reduced speeds or immediately return to the pit lane. 

Competitors not obeying standard flag protocol will be disqualified.